Please wait a moment for this page to load... ... ... ... ... Ahh. This One Goes Up to 11 is curated by Summer Guthery, Hanne Mugaas, Lumi Tan, and Nicholas Weist, each of whom selected ten works of video related to pop and media culture for the show. Summer is blue, Hanne is green, Lumi is white, and Nicholas is pink. The works are presented in alphabetical order by artists' last names. Hosting for the videos is generously provided by Vimeo. Thanks to Mark Beasley for our title. Featuring Uri Aran, Bad Beuys Entertainment, Trisha Baga, Chris Bors, Michael Bell-Smith, Charles Broskoski, Robert Cauble, Tyler Coburn, Jen DeNike, Carla Edwards, Lars Holdhus, Desiree Holman, Brian Kenny, Oliver Laric, Annika Larsson, Lars Laumann, Kalup Linzy, Guthrie Lonergan, Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, Gene McHugh, Jenn Norton, Geoffrey Pugen, Hayley Aviva Silverman, Jennifer Sullivan, Joshua Thorson, Skye Thorstenson, Brina Thurston, Whoop Dee Doo, and Damon Zucconi.