Fia Backtröm + Danna Vajda

Print and bind (with staple). Attach to wall using one pin in the top left corner.

Bozidar Brazda

Brian Clifton
Print and hang each sheet on the wall and/or in a stack on the floor.

Paul Ramirez Jonas
Print and trim to edge of image, if printing to paper edge is not possible. Pin to the wall with clear push pins, two at the top of each page. None at the bottom. Make sure all pages touch each other and form a tight grid in the following order: 1-2-3 top row, 4-5-6 bottom row.

Rachel Mason
Print double sided, if possible. Tack to wall or lay on a tabletop.

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Press release [ download ]
Open with Microsoft Word or similar. Plug in your venue's name where you see "TKTKTKTK." Remove your name from the list at the bottom. Paste the text onto your letterhead and release.

Invitation [ download PDF or jpeg ] [ download InDesign CS3 file ]
If you download the PDF or jpeg invitation, simply paste your information into the space provided, in the following order:

1. Opening date
2. Time of the opening
3. Your venue name
4. Your venue's address

The text is written in Arial Bold, and is size 24 with 24 point leading (that's the space between the lines). Feel free to add your logo next to ours (in the black part please). Release.

If you download the InDesign invitation, simply plug your information into the text fields provided, export a jpeg or PDF, and release.

Sean Raspet
Assemble the pages to match the mockup included in the download (hang at approximately eye level). Note that some of the pages' white borders must be cut off so the work will align properly. Please the printout of the mockup on the wall next to the arrangement, a small distance away to the right. Halfway through the opening/event, two people must recite the names from the appendices. The first reader must read the first name of each number, and the second reader must respond with the second name of that number. They should be standing at some distance from each other, calling out the names at a moderate but audible volume. They should stand at a reasonable distance from the piece.

Dexter Sinister
Follow the link above. Choose a work from the Dexter Sinister Library, and print to include in or accompany the show.

Jordan Wolfson
Print and bind with a black spiral binding: nothing fancy, just your local copy shop will do.