(Chan Tinlun 2001)


This project aims is to create a series of conceptual objects that only exist in the computer and do not imitate real physical objects. 3-D modelling is often aimed towards craftsmanship and realistic depiction of forms. On the other hand, there is a great potential to create forms that are beyond physical reality. In this project, I created 3-D objects that only exist within the laws of computer graphics. These objects express conceptual principles rather than describe realistic forms. I hope they will be an example of a kind of 3-D modelling that is oriented towards the conceptual and not the imitation of reality. Through this way of thinking about 3-D modelling, I wish to introduce a new set of geometry that is unique to the virtual computer environment.

[Conceptual Objects were created using a 3-D modelling program. QuicktimeVR is used to allow viewers to rotate and examine the object from 360 degrees. Each object is slightly less than one megabyte in size so please allow time for it to load.]