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linux virgin

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linux virgin 1.1-1.5

This sites archives the linux virgin 1.1-1.5 series, an erotic and informative video series about learning to build a computer to run linux on. Linux virgin 1.1-1.5 videos were launched weekly, starting on Valentine's Day 2005, for five weeks.

linux virgin

linux virgin 1.1

Feb 14.2005

linux virgin 1.2

Feb 21.2005

linux virgin 1.3

Feb. 28.2005

linux virgin 1.4

Mar. 7.2005

linux virgin 1.5

Mar. 14.2005

bonus material

Mar. 14.2005



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  linux virgin

This amusing series chronicles Karla Grundick, an eager linux groupie schoolgirl, as she is taught how to build a computer by Mistress Koyo, the cyberpunk linux expert.

Also starring Roy, the voyeur, and Dog Big, the masturbating Rottweiller.

Starting on Feb 14th, part 1:
parts arrive, unpacking, unscrewing, admiring parts

Feb 21st, part 2:
the parts explained

Feb 28, part 3:
lubing up the cpu, putting in the cpu

Mar 07, part 4:
putting in fan, more screwing, hooking up cables

Mar 21, part 5:
putting in the dvd and cd, more cables, closing the box, booting up the computer



video archives

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