The Machine Manifesto

In 2002, Felix Luque and I received a grant from the Phonos Foundation and the I.U.A (Instituto Universitario del Audiovisual) to develop a musical production based on new technologies. Two years later, we presented the project as the Machine Manifesto in the Metrònom Gallery as a live performance.
The Machine Manifesto is an interactive musical performance; a reflection on the relation between human beings and machines. The Machine Manifesto is composed of a series of mechanical musical instruments or automatons, and directed by a conductor of orchestra. These instruments, programmed to perform independent tasks, follow by themselves the commands sent by the conductor via image recognition software.
In its integrity, this work reflects the existing asymmetry in human-machine relationship (conductor-instruments), providing a critical look on the privileged position of machines in our society. The Machine Manifesto explores the relation between man and machine; between the "natural" world and the "mechanical" world; between the physical, real and biological, and the technological, virtual and digital. Such oppositions are a great source of conflict in western societies,

 Metrònom. Concerts-Phonos.10.03.04 & 13.03.04 - Photo by Alexander Mittelmann
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 • Size: N/A - Media: Quadraphony System, Video Camera, Midi Interface, Pic Microcontrollers, Video Wall, DVD players, Video Projectors, - 2004
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