12 February 1998


We lived out West where Dad was a TV repairman. When he died Mom got a job as a cashier in a department store. I had a paper route then worked in the mailing room of the newspaper (where the papers go to get bundled after the press). First in my family to go to college then first to drop out.

Moved to New York.

As a child I played with used Sylvania tubes and uranium ore from a mine Dad and Mom invested in but never made any money from because the bulk of the vein ran under an Indian reservation. The Indians got the worst land that turned out to be the best land, though still toxic but in a different way. I grew up northwind of the Hanford Atomic Works, which is the same kind of plant as Chernoble.

Today I worked on a project for the Warhol Foundation with Taxi the beagle and Homer the bulldog at my feet. Homer is visiting Taxi while his owner is away and they seem to like each other. They go from desk to desk to get petted and we always pet them. When they sleep together Homer snores.