3 March 1998


Robbin Murphy
Josephine Bosma

Have Cyberfeminists chatted with Les Demoiselles?
depends on which kind. Those whores of data are not very cooperative with adjusting cyberspace to feminist history. Xyberfeminists however (ex-cyberfeminists) dance with the dames.

I'm sure they have tales to tell.
so many you have to visit often

If you need me to I can run up to MoMA and ask them questions.
ask them if being beyond time equals being in eternity though I think I know the answer: no or ask them why they are so blue

Though I probably won't understand the answers.
it will be like visiting an oracle you have to feel the answer, not understand no straight answers
sounds like the bloody startrek episode of last saturday :)

I can pass them on.
yes you can

Or you can find your answers

On scraps of paper

In trees.

I love trees