Saturday, May 08, 2004

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Monday, December 27, 1976

Got the invitation to President Carter's inaugural. it was addressed to "Mr. and Mrs. Andy Warhol." Don't you love it?


Thursday, May 06, 2004

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Saturday, December 25, 1976

Went out to Westbury to C.Z. Guest's for lunch It was a magazine Christmas--the decorations and the food and the house were just like a spread in McCall's or House and Garden, like what a house should look like on Christmas. But you'd think with all C.Z.'s involvement with flowers and gardening that she'd have real stuff, but when you looked close the wreaths and things were half plastic. C.Z. gave everyone her bug repellent gifts.

Ninety-year-old Kitty Miller was there, she's still putting blue shoe polish in her hair. The pies were great--apple, mince, and plum. The turkey had already been cut up like a magazine would tell you to before it got to the table, so it was like a Turkey Puzzle. Kitty was drunk and when the Spanish ambassador said a few words she screamed, "I can't speak Spanish."

It started to snow a little. Said thanks and left to go home to get ready for the Jaggers'. Got to East 66th and glued . Went up to East 72nd (cab $2.50). We were one of the first to arrive. Nick Scott was at the door, working. This was a job he'd come up with to earn money--being the jaggers' houseboy. Only he was supposed to get there at 8:00 in the morning to help and he didn't arrive until 6:00 at night. I gave Jade the grey kitten from Rusty Holzer. She looked at it and said, " ' Lydia?'... No. Harriet." I felt sorry for the cat, though, because I think it's going to have a horrible home. I don't know.

Mick sat down next to Bob Colacello and put his arm around him and offered him a pick-me-up, and Bob said, "Why yes, I am rather tired," and just as he was about to get it, Yoko and John Lennon walked in and Mick was so excited to see them that he ran over with the spoon that h was about to put under Bob's nose and put it under John Lennon's.

Halston and Loulou de la Falaise put a lot of the pick-me-up in a covered dish on the coffee table and when someone they liked would sit down they'd tell them, "Lift it up and get a surprise." Paloma Picasso was there. Jay Johnson brought Delia Doherty. The dinner was terrific. Mick and Bianca forgot to bring out the dessert, though.


Wednesday, May 05, 2004

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Friday, December 24, 1976

Went with Jed to Fred's Christmas dinner at 1342 Lexington. Jed's brother Jay and his sister Susan picked us up. Fred had invited Carroll Baker and she was there with her daughter, Blanche, who's gotten to be a beauty in the last few months, she slimmed down. Anselmino, one of our Italian art dealers, was there and Chris Makos the cute photographer we met from Dotson Rader and Robert Hayes the assistant editor at Interview and it was an office Christmas Eve.

Mick Jagger was there and he was in a good mood, he asked me what I thought a A Star is Born and I told him and he said that he was so happy he'd turned it down, that he didn't want to play a has-been rock singer, even for the million they offered him. Mick was asking for coke and finally got some from Anselmino. Fred's housekeeper Hazel made turkey and ham and brussels sprouts. Paloma Picasso and her entourage were there.

Then we went downtown to Fernando Sanchez's and Halston was there Kenny Jay Lane and André Leon Talley and that new really rich English kid in town who "has money"--one of those --Nick Scott, offering to sell his body to the highest bidder. Kenny Lane offered $35. Maxime de la Falaise upped it to $36.


Tuesday, May 04, 2004

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Thursday, December 23, 1976

Office Christmas party. Maxime de la Falaise arrived late, to pick up a Mao painting. Mike the super cam in off the freight elevator with his wife and son but maybe the son is a stepson, I'm not sure. He's cute. John Powers came by and wanted me to sign two Flower posters that he had, they weren't authentic but I was going to just sign but Fred wouldn't let me and so we gave John two authorized ones from the back. Ronnie and Gigi were there, everyone was really diving into the caviar and champagne. Marc Balet the Interview art director and Fran Lebowitz were there.

Andrea Portago had called that afternoon and said that if we could get her a ticket to the premiere of a Star is Born she would get the limo, so we did and she did. I couldn't figure out why she wanted to go so much intil we got to the movie and she rushed up to Kris Kristofferson and said, "Oh Darling, it's so good to see you again." Sue Mengers had tried to fill up the whole place. They'd said it was going to be very hard to get in, but then there were so many empty seats. Sue said everyone had to saythey loved it or Barbra would be upset. I didn't like it. The old judy Garland one gave you goosebumps but this one was just a nothing rock and roll story. But Jed loved it. Then went over to the party at Tavern on the

Streisand was wearing a black tuxedo. Elsa Peretti was there and she was saying how wonderful it was to be with me and not be on anything, that she didn't take anything anymore. I admired a light bulb she had in her purse, a tiny one that lit up when you put a penny next to it, and she gave it to me, and then Victor liked it so I gave it to him and then Elsa saw and took it away from Victor and shook her finger at me and put it back in her purse.

Andrea was just sitting there waiting for Kristofferson to notice her, but he was busy.


Monday, May 03, 2004

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Wednesday, December 22, 1976

A car came to take me to be photographed for a Merce Cunnigham thing to help it get publicity. Up to 660 Park Ave. Newsweek and other photographers were there. When I got there they said they'd take me home in the car, but then when I was leaving I reaized they'd used me up and sent the car away, so I just walked home.

In the afternoon Jane Holzer stopped by my house to drop off the grey kitten who's going to be a Christmas present from her son Rusty to Jade Jagger. I'm supposed to keep it until Christmas, it's really cute.

Changed, and Jed drove us out to Peter and Sandy Brant's house in Greenwich. Philip Johnson and David Whitney were there they're leaving tomorrow for San Simeon to see some Hearst and to look at architecture in California. Dinner was Chinese, not that great. Bunty Armstrong started using her society teeth. I gave Sandy a 1904 desk set for Christmas. Jed gave her a Fulper pot and she gave him one back. Actually it was a Van Briggle, and the one she gave Jed was better. Joe Allen didn't bring his girlfriend Jenny, because he's still in love with his ex-wife Barbara. Barbara had dislocated her back--"sleeping," she said, and we were trying to figure out with who. A horse fell on top of Peter and so he was walking around with a cane. Peter just bought ninety acres in back of his house, he's going too make a racetrack and polo grounds.


Sunday, May 02, 2004

ORGINAL ENTRY: Tuesday, December 21, 1976

Met Victor, went over to Halston's store, it was really un-busy, but then everything is so expensive that if they just sell one little hanky they can have dinner. While I was there, Jackie O. came in and was whisked up to the third floor. Victor told me that she doesn't buy much, just a few things.

Went around Fifth Avenue looking for ideas for art projects (cab $5.75). Went to 860 for lunch with Todd Brassner and Rainer Crone, but I couldn't spend too much time with them, I was painting in the back. Todd was asking Rainer questions about some paintings of mine he was interested in because Rainer wrote the Praeger art book on me and he knows who owned which canvases.

Catherine called Dustin Hoffman who said that the screening was at 5:45 at 666 Fifth. Dustin had filmed his wife Anne doing a Balanchine dance, his kids were in it, and I think he got a very good guy to cut it because it looks very professional. When it was over, Dustin invited us back to his house on East 61st Street. It's back to back with Phyllis Cerf's house. Dustin was nervous, really nervous about his house, and he was taking me around and showing me every little thing. His taste was oak, but not good oak, so it was funny.


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