Texas, USA; 2001/03

Pecos, Texas

What was once the home of cantaloupe farming and the largest oil and gas producing industries in Texas is now a shell of its former self. Due to drought, overwrought irrigation, contaminated groundwater, the collapse of the Texas oil industry, extensive lay-offs and unregulated pollution, Pecos has become a modern ghost town.

Strewn alongside route 285 exist abandoned homes, empty buildings, and dilapidated refineries. The people in this vanished community whose lives and histories once thrived alongside economic prosperity have disappeared and what remain are ghosts. The question is, whose ghosts?

Dallas, Texas

An on-going study suggests that at certain moments, randomly emitted data shows structure when correlated with global events. It appears that the coherence and intensity of a common reaction creates a sustained pulse of order in the random flow of numbers. These patterns, where there should be none, look like reflections of our concentrated focus, as the riveting events drew us from our individual concerns and melded us into an extraordinary coherence. (http://noosphere.princeton.edu)

Two days in recent history have challenged global consciousness and established a sense of place, both mentally and physically to generations of individuals.

Waco, Texas

On February 27, 1993, under the suspicion that a religious group was stockpiling automatic weapons, government officials unsuccessfully raided the home of the Branch Davidians and began a 51-day standoff to negotiate their surrender.

In an empty field believers remain to carry on the legacy of their faith. Memory and expectation bind them intractably to those events and justify their very existence. Each individual’s perspectives are guided by principles they perceive to be true; yet, truth is as indistinguishable as belief.

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