Virtual Urban

Background to project


1. Name of client
2. Address of Property inspected. No.6
3. Date of inspection. 21 January, 1999
4. Weather conditions at time of inspection. Sunny after rain
5. Tenure. For sale
6. Rateable value (as reported). N/A
7. General description. New build ground apartment
8. Type and age of property and any of alterations or additions .
9.Type of construction.
11.(a) Description of immediate surrounding area.
12.(b) Unusual feature.
13. Roads and passages ( if made or unmade).
14.Accomidation (brief description). 4 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, Living room, Dining room, Family room, WC, Shed, Scullery
15. Roof Coverings.
16. Chimney Stacks and Flashings.
17. Gutters, Downpipes, gullies and stormwater drainage
18. Foul wastes and drainage.
19. Main Walls.
20. Conditions of walling material and pointing.
21. Serious structural movement.
22. Damp proof courses.
23. Sub-floor and general ventilation
24. Window frames and external joinery
25. Exterior decoration
26. Ceilings, walls and partitions.
27. Fireplaces, flues and chimney breasts.
28. Interior decorations.
29. Floors.
30. Windows.
31. Dampness.
32. Woodworm, rot and other timber defects.
33. Joinery, including built-in cupboards and kitchen fittings.
34. Plumbing and sanity fittings.
35. Hot water and central heating
36. Insulation. (general comment on visible areas only).
37. Roof spaces. (where accessible)
38. Cellars and basements.
SERVICES A visual inspection only has been made of readily accessible services. No tests have been carried out.
39. Water.
40. Gas.
41. Electricity.
42. Garage and outbuildings.
43. Site, including boundary walls and fence paths and drives.
44. Environmental matters including any mining etc.
45. Summary and recommendations.

* Survey from Malcolm O' Beirn, Architect

12 / 3 / 00


Surveys and plans give the pleasure of imagining that it's possible to control and supervise the building process.