Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2000 10:33:03 -0700
From: ef
Subject: budapest


budapest dustyhot, stinky too, have been going to the hungarian millenium folkmusic, folkdancing, not to mention, folkdrinking festival for the last three days. i have some friends here who are the persons producing it. thus, i now have a permanent headache from much fröccs enjoyment. wine and sodawater.

some transylvanian, from this festival, people are arranging my trip to transylvania, maybe as early as tomorrow. i would then be travelling back with some of the folkdancing folks. moms and pops in cool embroideries and stuff. i also have many invitations for staying and feeding in various villages.

i am gonna try to bring colour pencils and nice paper with me so i can draw portraits and then give them to the person i would be drawing. i did this once before in a village; it is something that really pleases people, that kind of gift. its something i can give.

tonight is the fireworks, half of budapest is standing on the bridges to watch, the other half hopes that the fireworks will land on the parliament buildings and burn it down.

well, off for more fröccsing!

... and to think i dont drink, haha

-e (typing on a damned hungarian keyboard)