Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 13:15:44 -0700
From: ef
Subject: RE: gimme some advice


Bill wrote:

I think you oughta go yourself...

yeah. you guys are right. i need to go myself. i guess part of my reluctance was that i really hate winter... and it's harsh there. just my own comfort shit. and that i need to do work cause i owe for my new computer... heh, owing always scares me... but if i don't go for too too long i should be able to pick up when i get back. other than that, lessee... i can get a friend to come take care of the dog, so that's arranged.

but there are many plusses. i mean those kids are gonna be incredibly happy... whadda x-mas presie!

i can get them a lawyer. and if they still get thrown out i can help to find an alternate place or something. andi can bring stuff with me from here. and buy more stuff to bring in budapest... the land of plenty compared to there. warm clothes! toys! heh... blech... and being there i can make sure their father does not sell them.

i can maybe look for a better teacher for the children. for eg, one who does not, like the True Christian noemi is, look down on gypsies. she hasn't taught them anything for a month now. tho, and thankdog, she does still hand out the food packages.

what else. yah, i talked to my friend kinga in b-pest... she know someone who works in some drug manufacturing plant... i might be able to score some medicines from her. the heart medicine... and maybe some birthcontrol pills for melinda. she wants and needs some birthcontrol... but i am not sure if pills are a good idea, she is illiterate, can't count. maybe i can arrange for an iud, i don't know. i can pay for a doctor and that.

ahm... what else. well, i would like to just generally hand some money out to suffering oldfolks too. they can't afford the medicines they need. or sometimes, heat.

and try to find that streetkids doctor, see if i can help him. he, after all, is there for the longrun.

gak... i can do a lot of stuff! yay :-)

i am going. in a couple of weeks or so... when i can get a ticket. kinga in hungary is looking into buying an airplane ticket there, it would be cheaper than buying it here.

i wish i could bring the dog with me... hell, i might need a bodyguard. it ain't the safest place in the world. but zoli has some friends in vasarhely who would help me, i am sure.

heh... my brain is running now...

and yes, i shall keep writing. you guys better reply tho, you know, it was a bit of a lifeline when i was there, kept me from going crazy.