Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2000 23:31:24 -0700
From: ef
Subject: latest


is that i think i got a ticket... on the 13th, wednesday. that's the last day i can get a cheaper ticket, after that it's the x-mas shit, you know, goodwill and such so then the airlines charge more.

so that don't give me much time to get it together.

the latest is that the hungarian did talk to a lawyer and that the lawyer wants to have meeting to see the papers and such. which is kinda hopeful, at least he ain't shining it on. so then i called the family, that is i first talked to another family, iren's cause that's who's got the phone. and they too have the same situation so then i said, hey iren, do you have a lawyer and she said, no. and then she said, but they can't put us out for four years. well, i said, i am sorry but if you signed the same contract as melinda did then you are in the same situation. she said she signed the same thing, they have the same papers. i said, everyone there. she said yes. but we couldn't read it she said, we can't read.

so then i said, iren, i am trying to get a lawyer and i think that lawyer better be all of yous lawyer. and i know that melinda doesn't want that, that she wants the lawyer for them only. but iren, i said, you have to stick together, it's your strength, if you can stick together. so i am going to talk to melinda and mihaly about that.

that's what i did. when melinda came to the phone i told her that that is what i thought was best. that i was going to pay for the lawyer but it had to be everyone's lawyer. cause they were in the same boat, really.

she finally agreed. so that's a big relief, isn't it. that she agreed to not owning me as their own personal miracle.

zoli is going there tomorrow to help them get the stuff together to show the lawyer. it is not totally sure that he will take the case but with the papers and all we can hope he will. i am to call again tomorrow, while zoli is there.

then melinda told me that gyuszi told her to ask santa to bring him me for christmas. she said he wanted to tell me this so i could ask too, seeing as two asking might work better with santa, but he fell asleep before i called.

they don't know i am coming there. i want that to be a surprise. you know, children need surprises to remember, good ones, that is.