Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 20:06:18
From: lora
Subject: Re: dec 21


hey elizabeth and everybody,

ya right, get lora to do the hungarian translation, that should be a real laugh. though i need not remind you, be sure and pass this on to lajos and eszter. after a couple of hours of plucking through or is it fucking through the dictionary you have here which is arcane at best here is what i came up with, all invented of course.

"i am saying now as one man hanging in after all this time what i know. quoth he: the only way this disease-ridden bus has not hitherward arrived is because it goes backward. the fates allow it and how it (the bus) gives one the lie, and so of course, though it is too much to believe, the bus remains already arrived in times long since past. the seven o'clock arrival is just not, of course, decreed to us from the heavenly skies, so fuck this."

if you don't know, hungarian has four o's, four u's, and 2 a's, e's and i's and they weren't indicated in the email. as an english example if i didn't know the vowel in this word s_x i might think it was sax, sex or six and if i didn't know the language i might also think i could be sox or sux. jaj nekem! or woe is me as my mom used to say.

so i checked with csaba (pr. chawbaw), and of course this is every word a lie except for the last two words. csaba was laughing and saying that's great, it's probably what lajos *would* have liked to have said if he was completely stoned. word from csaba: the quote is just-the-facts: bus had arrived already at six oclock (i had mixed up hat (six) with hát (consequently or of course)).

yesterday macko (pr. mawtsko) and i walked to shelley's after going to tysol. food's on sale should i stockpile? two blocks from her place in the laneway was this iron fence (painted white-gross) and almost obscured by the cedars behind it was this wonderland of fountains, and streams and bridges and trees and swings and christmas lights. there were mermaids and dophins, cement of course and i wanted to hop the fence, but macko couldn't. there was a sign trespassers will be prosecuted. i laughed.

but then i laughed harder because the garbage can nearby said this receptacle is for the residents of velcour? or something violators will be prosecuted. the kids may be interested to know that there are some laws prohibiting people from letting other people get their garbage, but there is no law against garbage picking. they would probably arrest you for something like mischief or baj.

later that night the delivery man came to drop off the dog food. his teeth were missing or worn down except for the canines which weren't fang-like and pointy, they were just long and rectangular. his hair was yellow and thinning under his cap and he had longer hair at the back like hockey players. he was a drinker, worn face and sparkley eyes. but this i know because when i gave him a twonie and said here is a tip he raised it up and said he'd have a beer on me after work. we laughed because that was the perfect thing.

i've been thinking alot about loss since your last email, e. ya sure it's part of human experience, okay, when you gave him the bicycle he knew that you thought of him and the giving and receiving were part of the joy, but mostly with a bicycle it's going fast and feeling the wind in your face and hair and being able to say "mine" for once. so for anyone i think you have to find a way of articulating your loss or else in someway it eats you up. when you have a song or a poem or a story you tell or know how to make them up, you *have* something no one can take. it is also something that is mine and everyone's at the same time. when he is telling you or his parents or his siblings about that bike this is what he has, and to see what these kids have you have to listen and teach. these are just some speculations.

can you believe it? i'm being responsible. everything is going well. except i realize i got lamb and rice instead of chicken and rice dogfood. i'll assume that's a problem, but if it's not let me know. i have a few days before i run out of the other.

happy solstice and happy chanukah all.