Intrepreted, Obscured and Sought
William J. Hendricks

A Video Installation — April, 2005 at Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Interpreted -- Video
Thirty short clips were strung together in looping projections on opposite walls of the gallery in which two people throw and catch three-dimensional symbols. The characters in the video pitch objects over the viewer’s head. In order to see the catch the viewer must spin around to the opposite wall, and often witnesses the receiver catch a different object than was thrown. The viewers find themselves in the center of the piece with symbols transforming over their head in a virtual space. The signs used were selected to represent a broad frame of reference such as home, family, economics, religion, history and justice to name a few.

Obscured -- Photography
Photographic works were hung on the walls that are perpendicular to the videos were photographs of symbols some being the same props that were used in the video. Others were from the collection. The photographic images are of the shadows cast and reflected by the objects. Their images are defined by the studio lights and each other. No longer are their definitions self-referencing but rather their environment and other objects define them.

Sought -- the Icon Present
The icons used in both the video and photographs were scattered at one end of the gallery. Here the props are available be seen and interacted with as viewers stroll through the space. The objects were available to be picked up, moved or rearranged by the viewer. Thus the viewer now becomes artist and author as he or she has the opportunity to examine the meaning and alter the symbols presentation and associations as they might relate and reference the viewer’s life.

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