"Little Movies" -- distribution and exhibition

"Little Movies" is an on-going project which began in 1994. It is designed to be exhibited in a variety of physical forms and media formats: the World Wide Web, videotape, CD-ROM, and an interactive installation.

As standard media formats are replaced by new ones (for instance, digital video is replacing analog video tape, DVD is replacing CD-ROM, etc.), "Little Movies" will be distributed in a variety of these formats. The conceptual possibilities and experiential specificity of each format, in its turn, affects the content of individual movies and the shape of the overall project.

For instance, in the first "Little Movies" I created in 1994, I wanted to investigate the aesthetics of a small QuickTime window against the negative black space of a computer monitor. Later, around 1996, as DVD, digital television and high-bandwidth networks became viable as new distribution possibilities, I begun to conceptualize a different set of movies which could take advantage of a new aesthetic situation -- a high-resolution moving image (1024, 2048, etc.) displayed on a computer monitor.

As I complete the "Little Movies", I release them in separate volumes. This "Little Movies" Web Site presents Volume I, and contains six movies, created between 1994 and 1997. The process of trying to get files to be as small as possible, so they can download faster, has led me to change the structure of the individual movies. Therefore, the versions of "Little Movies" you will find on this Web site are different from the ones on the "Little Movies" CD-ROM and the "Little Movies" videotape.

For more information about acquiring or exhibiting "Little Movies" in any media format, please contact Lev Manovich (manovich@ucsd.edu).