Daniel Temkin, 2017

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FatFinger is a JavaScript library expanding JS to allow typos and misspellings. Why bother with clean, well-formatted code when you can write this and FatFinger will guess at your intentions?

        <script type="text/javascript" src="fatfinger.js"></script>
        <script type="text/javoscript"> // any misspelling of javascript works here

            vart x = "herrrllo werld"

Don't bother with semi-colons. Open brackets and never close them. Misspell keywords, variables, and functions.


Does it work?

Test out your code:

INPUT (FatFinger-style JS)


OUTPUT (conventional JavaScript)


How To Use

Include fatfinger.js in your project, add a script tag with any misspelling of JavaScript containing your FatFingered code. You'll need to declare all your vars as if option explicit; FatFinger assumes implicit declarations are actually misspelled assignments. FatFinger has a poor concept of scope, so if you're doing fancy OO stuff, ask yourself: is there a good reason I haven't made everything global??? If so, this might not be the right library / coding style for you.

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