Know Our Enemy
Protest posters and political graphics.
Website, 2002-Present.

Portrait of the Artist as a Home Page
"...the latest step in the process of dissolution of individual identity... A 'self-portrait' made up of others' portraits becomes a non-portrait, an anti-portrait..." -- Anne-Marie Boisvert, curator, the Biennale de Montréal.
Website, 2001.

A man's voice illuminates a psyche frightened of the world and desperate to dominate it.

Interactive video projection installation, 2001.

Face Value
Notes on social media and self-exchange.
Website, and discussion-list, 1996.

Who Is On The Edge?
Digital video loop, 1995, 0:30+.

[thumb-nail version]
A young woman reconstructs her history from fragments of early memories.

Interactive, digital-video, Mac CD-ROM, 1994, 10:00+.

Digital Fountain
A collaboration with the Interactive Expressions salon at SIGGRAPH '93.
Video installation, 1993.

An adulterer drowns in his wife's sudden death.
Narrative 16mm film, 1993, 19:50.

What Are You Waiting For?
Public video-installation, 1992, 5 x 5:00.

An agit-prop memorial to Silence.
Experimental video, and video-installation, 1991, 7:00.

Me With Her Movie Camera
Experimental, black & white, Super-8mm film, 1991, 5:20.

Caring: Acupuncture and AIDS
A man searches for an alternative path to survival.
Non-fiction video, 1990, 18:20.

A woman, a pimp, stolen drugs, and a dead man.
Dramatic, black & white, 16mm film, 1989, 13:10.

Musique concrète video, 1988, 4:45.

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